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The start of the game against the Hawks and Bear Cubs was a back and forth scoring battle.  The Bear Cubs started to pull away, however the Hawks would finish the second half only trailing by 7, 33-26. The second half rolled around and the Bear Cubs came out and took a commanding lead by capitalizing on fast break opportunities.  The Hawks were hurting themselves in the second half with missed opportunities under the basket as well as layups.  However to the Hawks credit they never gave up in this game.  Despite having low numbers they would make a late rally towards the end of the game, and making the score deficit within 6 with minutes left.  This is when the depth on the bench mattered the most; the Bear Cubs would sub in fresh legs with those last couple minutes and ran the clock out making a pair of free throws to end the game.  With that being said, free throws played a major role through out this game.  Statistically as a team the Bear Cubs would end the game shooting 89.5% from the line, making 17-19 free throws, as appose to the Hawks that ended the game shooting 57.1 %, making 8-14.  Another key factor that was the difference between these two teams was the amount of rebounds they ended with.  The Bear Cubs as a team would rack in 52 total rebounds as appose to the 33 that the Hawks ended the night with.  

The Hawks were again led by Janie Myles and Jade Sowell-Hundon.  Both of these players put on a great effort on the court.  Sowell-Hundon would be the Hawks leading scorer again, ending the night with 18 points.  Janie Myles would end the night with a double - double accounting for 20 rebounds, 17 points, and 6 blocks.  On the other side of the ball, Gretchen Harrigan, and Stephanie Sack led the Bear Cubs. Harrigan also ended the game with a double - double and was the leading scorer of the night with 32 points and accounting for 10 rebounds.  Sack was the other Bear Cub that ended the game with a double - double, and finishing with 21 points, 11 assists, and 8 rebounds.  

Next, the Hawks look to take on Diablo Valley College at home on Friday, January 31st at 5:30 PM.  This game looks to be a great match up with Diablo Valley College being 14-8 overall, 3-4 in the Conference, ranking them 4th in the Big 8, right above the number 5th ranked Hawks.  The player match up to watch is Janie Myles versus Dericka Ware, both are averaging19.3 points a game in the Big 8 Conference.  

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