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Hawks Set For Playoffs With 4th Seed

Hawks Set For Playoffs With 4th Seed

San Mateo, Ca

The Hawks will host Feather River College in Round 1 of the State playoffs. Under the current format, Round 1 is considered Regional play. The top 16 teams in Northern CA will faced each other based on their seeding from their record and RPI. The Hawks received the #4 seed and face the #13 seed, Feather River. The Regionals are played at 8 host sites with the highest seed hosting the event. The format is a 2 out 3 contests with the winner moving on to the Super Regionals May 13, 14, and 15 where the top 8 remaining teams face-off at 2 host sites. After Super Regional play, the top 2 remaining teams from Northern CA with face the top 2 teams from Southern CA at the State Championships in Bakersfield May 20, 21, and 22. 

Feather River comes to CRC Stadium as the Golden Valley champs with a conference record of 14-6 and over-all record of 21-13. Game 1 is scheduled for Saturday May 7th at 2 pm. Game 2 is scheduled for Sunday May 8th at 12 pm, and if necessary game 3 at 2 pm.  

Fans can follow along with GameChanger, or better yet attend the game in-person to support the Hawks!

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