Men's Tennis update from Big 8 South Tournament!

Men's Tennis update from Big 8 South Tournament!

Match Report: Yashneel Krishna and Stephen Albert, as well as Abiel Lazcandon and Joshua Frazier, also qualified for the state tournament in doubles.  Exceeding expectations, both doubles teams played tough-minded tennis.  Utilizing skillful serving and coordinated net play, both teams earned a state berth despite a difficult draw.  Also making it past the first day was Quinn Dobbins and Brandon Phun.

Upcoming:  quarterfinals, semifinals and finals For the Big 8 conference tourney (Friday, April 1st & Saturday April 2nd).

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Yash Krishna and Stephen Albert faced a tough test in the quarterfinals in doubles play; losing to number two seeded Fresno City.  Abiel Lacandazon and Josh Frazier were similarly defeated by the number one seeded team, also from Fresno City.  Both CRC teams played well against the top players in the north.     


Men's qualifiers:  

1.  Yash Krishna/ Stephen Albert (doubles)

2.  Josh Frazier/ Abiel Lacandazon (doubles)