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An Interview with CRC Men's Soccer Coach Ron Preble

An Interview with CRC Men's Soccer Coach Ron Preble

Coach Ron Preble has been is the Sacramento soccer scene as a player and as a coach for a majority of his life. As a player Ron began his college career playing here at CRC before transferring to CSU Sacramento where he played and earned a Bachelors in Physical Education. Coach Preble had a short playing stint with the Sacramento Senators in the Western Soccer league before having a season ending injury.

From there he began to coach and started again at CRC as an assistant to then head Coach Travis Parker, and also as an assistant at CSU Sacramento with Michael Linenberger. In 2000 after completing his Master's Degree in Physical Education-Sports Management, Ron was hired full-time as the head men's Soccer Coach.

Entering his 17th year as head coach, Ron has been able to see the changes of the soccer landscape in the Sacramento area. We had the chance to sit and interview Coach Preble and ask about the season so far, important of these last 5 games and some interesting facts about himself.


Question 1: At the end with 5 matches left is this where you predicted your team to be?

"No, I thought we would be between .500 to .750 at this point. We expected to be in a play-off position (with power points system) and 1st or 2nd in the conference before our run to start the second half of conference.  Currently we are in fourth position in conference and still in position to make some progress provided we band together to go on a 5 match run of good results."


Question 2: What obstacles have hurt /situations have helped your season thus far?

"We lost a significant number of players before the season started and during the eligibility process.  That changed the complexion of the team and team chemistry.  A few immature attitudes slipped into the squad (between the cracks of preseason and eligibility) that have prevented us from being top performing.  It has taken a while for the players to understand and embrace their roles with in the group.  That can happen very easily in a season that happens very quickly."


Question 3: What has been the one constant variable for you this season?

"We have a good staff is the constant variable for this year.  I like the way we have evolved to work with each other and the players.  We are a young team and have played good soccer, however, the team has not scored enough goals to put matches away.  We have left teams in the match and that has come back to cost us at times. "


Question 4: What is the goal of the CRC men's soccer program for the last 5 of the season?

 "We always want to be competitive and achieve results. But being in the position that we are in we also have to go out and win as many of the 5 reaming games to put us in post season contention."


Question 5: What has been the same constant you've experience during the 17 years you have coached at CRC.

"Every year is exciting, I have always liked attacking possession soccer.  That is the guiding idea about how we try to play.  Some teams are better at it than others."


Question 6: What's the best part/worse part of your job?

"It is the same thing, every year we get to build a new team and every year we have to build a new team.  It is exciting and challenging at the same time."


Question 7: Any pre game rituals?

"Field Set-Up is the pre-game ritual that has taken place for me since starting college coaching back in 1988.  It is the time that I look out over the field to make sure that each match will be a good presentation of our program here at CRC."


Question 8: Favorite soccer team of all time?

"The 1970 World Cup Winning - Brazilian National Team.  The team had my all-time favorite player, Pele, and the team played flowing creative soccer."


Question 9: Sports quote that you use to inspire your teams?

"Conditioning helps you to be just a little nastier, the harder you work the harder it is for you to surrender!!!!"

"I don't care where you have come from before, what color you wore before, now that you are here at CRC, we Bleed Orange and Blue!!!!"