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Staff Directory

Administration and Support Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Deborah Travis President (916) 691-7321 travisd@crc.losrios.edu
Whitney Yamamura Vice President, Instruction and Student Learning (916) 691-7326 yamamuw@crc.losrios.edu
Liz Belyea Athletic Director (916) 691-7367 belyeal@crc.losrios.edu
Jeanne Calamar Associate Athletic Director (916) 691-7376 calamaj@crc.losrios.edu
Tony Bloomfield Associate Athletic Director (916) 691-7397 bloomft@crc.losrios.edu
James Giacomazzi Associate Athletic Director (916) 691-7648 giacomj@crc.losrios.edu
Sue Corrigan Administrative Assistant (916) 691-7261 corrigs@crc.losrios.edu
Julia Villalobos Clerk (916) 691-7261 villalj@crc.losrios.edu
Allah-mi Allen Athletics Counselor (916) 691-7489 allena@crc.losrios.edu
Jason Neary Athletic Specialist (916) 691-7377 nearyj@crc.losrios.edu
Daimon Shelton Athletic Specialist (916) 691-7377 sheltod@crc.losrios.edu
Mike Deutsch Athletic Trainer (916) 691-7298 deutscm@crc.losrios.edu
Julie Madsen Athletic Trainer (916) 691-7298 madsenj@crc.losrios.edu
Joe Ochoa Athletic Trainer (916) 691-7298
Jno Shuler Study Center Instructional Aide (916) 691-7127 shulerj@crc.losrios.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Tony Bloomfield Head Coach Baseball (916) 691-7397 bloomft@crc.losrios.edu
Brad Kilby Assistant Coach Baseball
Don Mico Assistant Coach Baseball
Jno Shuler Pitching Coach Baseball (916) 691-7127 shulerj@crc.losrios.edu
Kevin Keefer Assistant Coach Baseball

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
James Giacomazzi Head Coach M Basketball (916) 691-7648 giacomj@crc.losrios.edu
Charles Wilder Assistant Coach M Basketball (916) 691-7262 wilderc@crc.losrios.edu
Nicholas Podesta Assistant Coach M Basketball (916) 286-3691 ext. 15116 podestn@crc.losrios.edu
Jonathan James Assistant Coach M Basketball
Orion Kidd Team Manager M Basketball

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Ron Preble Head Coach M Soccer (916) 691-7208 prebler@crc.losrios.edu
Brandon Evangelista Assistant Coach M Soccer (916) 691-7208 evangeb@crc.losrios.edu

Name Title Phone Email

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Matthew Emmett Head Coach M Tennis
Brandon Ellis Assistant Coach M/W Tennis (916) 691-1144 ellisb@crc.losrios.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Kristy Schroeder Head Coach Softball (916) 691-7790 schroek@crc.losrios.edu
Sara Pedretti Assistant Coach Softball

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Coral Sage Head Coach W Basketball (916) 691-7667 sagec@crc.losrios.edu
Shantel Thomas Assistant Coach W Basketball

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Cesar Plasencia Head Coach W Soccer (916) 691-7578 plasenc@crc.losrios.edu
Rich Moorhouse Assistant Coach W Soccer
Leo Rojas Assistant Coach W Soccer

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Cassie Baxter Head Coach Volleyball (916) 691-7608 baxterc@crc.losrios.edu
Molly Hanrahan Assistant Coach Volleyball

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